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Get below the list of Kheda pin codes along with details like the status of post office, division, circle, contact, nearby areas etc. The given list covers pin code in Kheda like Ashram Road -Nadiad, Desai Vago, Dumral Bazar, Methodist Hospital Tso Nad, Nadiad H.O, Srp Group Area Tso Nadiad, Patel Society Area Tso Nad, Bilodara, Ghodasar, Alina, Kaparupur, Sheri, Alindra (Nadiad), Chalali, Kanjoda, Manghroli, Shurasamal, Vansol. Bidaj, Lali, Mahij, Samadara, Sankhej, Vasna Margia, Raska, Kanij, Amrapura, Bavra, Chhapra, Devki Vansol,
PincodeAreaTalukaCityP.O. Status
387001Ashram Road -Nadiad pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387001Desai Vago pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387001Dumral Bazar pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387001Methodist Hospital Tso Nad pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387001Nadiad H.O pin codeNadiadKhedaHead Post Office
387001Srp Group Area Tso Nadiad pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387002Patel Society Area Tso Nad pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387002Bilodara pin codeNaidiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387110Ghodasar pin codeMahemdavadKhedaSub Post Office
387115Alina pin codeMahudhaKhedaSub Post Office
387115Kaparupur pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387115Sheri pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387115Alindra (Nadiad) pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387115Chalali pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387115Kanjoda pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387115Manghroli pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387115Shurasamal pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387115Vansol pin codeUmrethKhedaBranch Post Office
387120Bidaj pin codeKhedaKhedaBranch Post Office
387120Lali pin codeKhedaKhedaBranch Post Office
387120Mahij pin codeKhedaKhedaBranch Post Office
387120Samadara pin codeKhedaKhedaBranch Post Office
387120Sankhej pin codeKhedaKhedaBranch Post Office
387120Vasna Margia pin codeKhedaKhedaBranch Post Office
387120Raska pin codeMahemdabadKhedaBranch Post Office
387120Kanij pin codeMahemdavadKhedaSub Post Office
387130Amrapura pin codeMahemdabadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Bavra pin codeMahemdabadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Chhapra pin codeMahemdabadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Devki Vansol pin codeMahemdabadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Ghodali pin codeMahemdabadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Gothaj pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Hathnoli pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Jaravat pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Kachchhai pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Khatraj pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Kuna pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Mahemdavad pin codeMahemdavadKhedaSub Post Office
387130Mankwa pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Modaj pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Nenpur pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Parsaantaj pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Sansoli pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Vadadla pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387130Varsola pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387140Haldarvas pin codeMahemdavadKhedaSub Post Office
387210Dabhou pin codeSojitraKhedaSub Post Office
387210Manghrol pin codeSojitraKhedaBranch Post Office
387210Dethli pin codeMatarKhedaBranch Post Office
387220Malataj pin codeSojitraKhedaSub Post Office
387220Petli pin codeSojitraKhedaBranch Post Office
387230Pij pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387230Tundel pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387240Bhalada pin codeMatarKhedaBranch Post Office
387240Balinta pin codeSojitraKhedaBranch Post Office
387240Devataj pin codeSojitraKhedaBranch Post Office
387240Gada pin codeSojitraKhedaBranch Post Office
387240Palol pin codeSojitraKhedaBranch Post Office
387240Sojitra pin codeSojitraKhedaSub Post Office
387240Trambovad pin codeSojitraKhedaBranch Post Office
387240Virol pin codeSojitraKhedaBranch Post Office
387250Kharanti pin codeMatarKhedaBranch Post Office
387250Limbasi pin codeMatarKhedaSub Post Office
387250Malavada pin codeMatarKhedaBranch Post Office
387315Chaklashi pin codeAnandKhedaSub Post Office
387320Arera pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387320Dabhan pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387320Degam pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387320Manjipura pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387320Silod pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387325Kanjari pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387330Chunel pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387330Heranj pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387330Sanali pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387330Mohlel pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387330Palaiya pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387331Sodpur pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387335Abhripur pin codeKathlalKhedaBranch Post Office
387335Jalia pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387335Karoli pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387335Vansol pin codeMahemdavadKhedaBranch Post Office
387335Dadusar pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387335Mahudha pin codeMahudhaKhedaSub Post Office
387335Nani Khadol pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387335Ruppura pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387335Sastapur pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387335Torania pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387335Undra pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387335Vadthal pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387340Mahisa pin codeMahudhaKhedaSub Post Office
387340Nizampura pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387340Vasna pin codeMahudhaKhedaBranch Post Office
387345Bamroli pin codePetladKhedaBranch Post Office
387345Narsanda pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387345Rajnagar pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387350Bngroli pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387350Bnmroli pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387350Davda pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
387350Palana pin codeNadiadKhedaSub Post Office
387350Sandhana pin codeNadiadKhedaBranch Post Office
What is source of this database?
The banks database was procured from Reserve Bank of India, the pin code database is procured from India post and STD Codes database was procured from on September 2012.

What is IFSC Code?
Indian Financial System Code is popularly known as I.F.S.C. code which is unique for a single bank branch so that it can participate in the NEFT system. this 11 character code represents the bank branch and the brand.

What is MICR Code?
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a popularly know as M.I.C.R. code which is used to facilitate the processing of cheque without human intervention.

What is STD Code?
The shorthand name for Subscriber trunk dialling is called S.T.D. This is used in telecom to address the inter state system of trunk dialing.

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