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Get below the list of Darjeeling pin codes along with details like the status of post office, division, circle, contact, nearby areas etc. The given list covers pin code in Darjeeling like Desbandhupara, Rath Khola, Saktigarh, Sevoke Road, Siliguri H.O, Siliguri Junction, Siliguri New Market, Siliguri Road, Subashpally, Vivekanandapally, Champasari, Pradhan Nagar, Dabgram, Siliguri Town, Jyoti Nagar, Siliguri Bazar, Ghugumali, Haidarpara. Rabindra Sarani, Bhaktinagar, East Bhaktinagar, Baigunta Pur, Latpanchar, Lohapool, Salugarah, Selpu, Sitong, Sukna, Gulma, New Chumta,
PincodeAreaTalukaCityP.O. Status
734001Desbandhupara pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734001Rath Khola pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734001Saktigarh pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734001Sevoke Road pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734001Siliguri H.O pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingHead Post Office
734001Siliguri Junction pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734001Siliguri New Market pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734001Siliguri Road pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734001Subashpally pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734001Vivekanandapally pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734003Champasari pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734003Pradhan Nagar pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734004Dabgram pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734004Siliguri Town pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734005Jyoti Nagar pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734005Siliguri Bazar pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734006Ghugumali pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734006Haidarpara pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734006Rabindra Sarani pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734007Bhaktinagar pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734007East Bhaktinagar pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734008Baigunta Pur pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734008Latpanchar pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734008Lohapool pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734008Salugarah pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734008Selpu pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734008Sitong pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734009Sukna pin codeKurseongDarjeelingSub Post Office
734009Gulma pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734009New Chumta pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734009Simulbari pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734010Matigara pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734010Nemai pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734011Kadamtala pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734012Ranidanga pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734012Sushrut Nagar pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734013New Rangia pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734013North Bengal University pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734014Chowpukuria pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734014Bagdogra pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734014Gossaipur pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734014Tarbandha pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734015Fulbari Hat pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734015Mahananda Project pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingSub Post Office
734015Satellite Township pin codeSiliguriDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734101Bhanugram pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734101Bhutia Busty pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734101Darjeeling Bazar pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734101Darjeeling Court pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734101Darjeeling H.O pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingHead Post Office
734101Rose Bank pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734102Bloom Field pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734102Chhotapubong pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734102Dowhill pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734102Ghoom pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734102Gumba pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734102Lingia pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734102Lower Chongtong pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734102Marybong pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734102Pussimbing pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734102Risheehat pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734102Simkuna pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734102Tamsang pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734103Jalpahar pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734103Rajbari pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734104Bannersberg pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734104North Point pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734104Singla pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734104Singtam pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734104Soom pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734104Udaigram pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734105Badamtam pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734105Lebong pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734105Mineral Spring pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734121Dooteriah pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734122Pulbazar pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734123Rangbull pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734124Tukvar pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734201Bijanbari pin codeDarjeelingDarjeelingSub Post Office
734201Bansbotey pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734201Dara Goan pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734201Goke Bazar pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734201Jhepi pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734201Kaijalia pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734201Kolbong pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734201Lama Goan pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734201Lodhomahat pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734201Relling pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734201Rimbick pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734203Ambootia pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734203Dumaram Busty pin codeKurseongDarjeelingSub Post Office
734203Kurseong pin codeKurseongDarjeelingSub Post Office
734203Mahanadi pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734209Balasun pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734209Moonda Koti pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734209Nalichor pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734209Rangmook pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734209Ringtong pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
734209Sonada pin codeKurseongDarjeelingSub Post Office
734209Tamsing Dhura pin codeKurseongDarjeelingBranch Post Office
What is source of this database?
The banks database was procured from Reserve Bank of India, the pin code database is procured from India post and STD Codes database was procured from on September 2012.

What is IFSC Code?
Indian Financial System Code is popularly known as I.F.S.C. code which is unique for a single bank branch so that it can participate in the NEFT system. this 11 character code represents the bank branch and the brand.

What is MICR Code?
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a popularly know as M.I.C.R. code which is used to facilitate the processing of cheque without human intervention.

What is STD Code?
The shorthand name for Subscriber trunk dialling is called S.T.D. This is used in telecom to address the inter state system of trunk dialing.

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